Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions

Demand for triple net commercial real estate is at an all-time high. That means you need a company that can provide the most viable options to enter this market successfully. Our property acquisition services are designed to help you find the most worthwhile commercial real estate on the market. Call now for more details about commercial real estate acquisitions in the United States.

Market Trends

Our acquisition experts look for additional properties while following current trends related to triple net assets, specifically when it comes to capitalization rates. This helps us ensure the best returns.

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We identify properties using a variety of sources, including internet listings and traditional real estate brokers. Alternative sources—including lawyers, accountants, and bankers—are also considered. Our committee also meets weekly to review potential acquisitions, thereby ensuring that our property list is always up to date.

Five-Factor Matrix

The committee rates and analyzes every property using a five-factor matrix:

  • Lease Base Term
  • Tenant Credit
  • Rental Rate vs. Market Rate
  • Area Demographics
  • Relative Cap Rate

Property Selection

We’re proud to have developed a proprietary financial model and criteria set for acquiring new properties. Count on us to review the risks and advantages of each property to determine a bid price and maximum price. Properties with favorable terms are acceptable, but they must all complement our financial model and undergo a review and assessment before being considered a potential acquisition. By applying the same factors to every potential acquisition, we’re able to select properties that we predict will provide the best long-term performance.

Ideal Acquisition Criteria

  • Leases to prominent and nationally recognized tenants.
  • Long-term leases (generally 10+ years) with credit-worthy tenants.
  • Diversified by location, industry type, and property size.
  • Properties free and clear of existing debt.
  • Triple or double net leases with tenants responsible for most or all operating costs and capital expenditures during the lease term.
  • Freestanding, single-tenant, and well-located buildings on the corner of Main and Main in demographically diverse and growing communities.
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