Real Estate Financing & Investment Strategies

Here at Ford Investment Properties, we’re ready to help you overcome risk with sound investment strategies. Our experts focus on the acquisition of triple net properties to add to our private equity fund portfolio. Then, we help our clients take advantage of this commercial realty subclass as it offers a reliable source of income, longer lease terms, and very few if any, landlord responsibilities. Call now for more advice about real estate financing acquisitions and closing.

Our Focus

Our focus is triple net, single-credit tenant assets. While we’re still managing our current portfolio of commercial, multi-tenant properties, we may from time to time consider this asset class to add to our personal portfolio.

Understanding the Risks

Triple net assets are more consistent and less risky than rent rolls and occupancies. However, this subclass poses the challenge of determining which properties will offer the best returns compared to the relative risks. A second challenge is compiling the best possible acquisitions, as these properties are highly sought-after by other investors. Fortunately, our team is here to help you overcome these challenges with a comprehensive investment strategy.

Why Invest


Depend on us to help you succeed in the world of high-risk real estate. Our professionals have years of experience managing multi-tenant properties, allowing us to develop impressive acquisition criteria and a proprietary financial model. This enables us to avoid the pitfalls common in these property types. By building assessments based on local market surveys and hands-on management, we’re able to deal with any contingency.

Financial Modeling

Count on us to provide an accurate forecast of investor returns. We achieve this by considering the many variables that directly affect your income flow. Then, we integrate our detailed financial model into our real estate selection process to help predict the property’s performance post-acquisition.

Financial Charts


At Ford Investment Properties, financing is our strength. Through the years, we’ve built an impressive web of partnerships with key stakeholders, from local lenders to nationwide brokers. These strategic relationships and connections ensure that the debt financing on our properties includes the best possible rates and terms.